Artistic Statement

Katharine Morling Portrait by Allun Callender

Katharine Morling is an award-winning artist working in the medium of ceramics. She set up her studio in 2003 and has since gained international acclaim for her work.

Katharine creates sculptures in porcelain in her signature monochromatic aesthetic. Each piece on the surface, an inanimate object, is inspired by Katharine's personal narrative. The work is made fired without glaze accentuating the 'drawn' quality of the work.

Artistic Statement

“The works I create are pieces of narrative in my progressing story, one piece leads to the next and I work very instinctually. My work represents my inner searching, shown outwardly in domestic and uncanny scenes. I have to trust and believe that I can communicate through this medium.

I am interested in presenting ceramics in a way which makes the viewer take a second look; where the material is not always immediately recognisable, which is exactly what I am doing when I create a piece, taking a second look at my unconscious life.”



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